Instagram Print Kiosks and Software for Sale
Join the fastest growing trend in vending industry with leading provider of hardware and software for Instagram Print Kiosks.
How it works?
For customer, it's really easy - he enters an Instagram username in kiosk, selects the photos he wants to print, input the cash into bill acceptor and gets them printed in less than a minute. No bluetooth, memory cards or wires - really simple concept.
Our offer:
No franchise payments
We sell you the kiosk and hashtag printing software for instagram with support. No extra fees - you are free to use your own logo and set your own prices for photos.
Warranty included
A one year warranty for hardware and software support. We provide free software upgrades and technical support works 7 days a week.
Excellent hardware
We use 42" touchscreen LCD screen, most reliable bill acceptors and best quality photo printer.
You control everything
We provide a backend monitoring system - with SMS notifications of errors, and full payment statistics available online.
The cost of one kiosk starts from 3500$ USD.
Start with two
Progressive discounts after two kiosks purchase.
More details:
1.8 Ghz Intel dua core processor, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB SSD HDD
LG 42" multi-touch screen
HiTi P520L dye-sublimation photo printer
NV10 USB bill acceptor
MS-N28V check printer
4G modem
Power: 220V, 50-60Hz, 300-500W
Weight: 110kg
Size (W/H/L,cm) : 52/182/67
From our statistics in Bali, we can say that the most of people who prints photos are 20-30 years old, mostly women. We consider shopping malls as the best location for it.
Hashtag printing Software
We developed a reliable software that allows to print from Instagram username or #hashtag. You can set your own prices/discounts, use your own logos, even change the accepted currencies. We provide technical support and warranty for 1 year. Our software is well tested and successfully working in Bali in multiple kiosks.

You have access to all payment statistics, kiosks monitoring and SMS notifications in case of errors.

License (including support and free updates):

1 machine - $ 299 per one

<5 machines - $ 249 per one

<10 machines $ 199 per one

10 and over: $ 99 per one

License works for a year, extra year is 25% price of a year license.

From our statistics in Bali, we can say that the most of people who prints photos are 20-30 years old, mostly women. We consider shopping malls as the best location for it.
Contact us
If you are interested in purchasing our kiosks or have any more questions - feel free to fill this form and we will contact you shortly.
What do I need to start using this kiosks?
We sign the contract, you purchase one or several kiosks, and in a month they will be delivered to your location, with preinstalled software and backend. All you need is to plug the power cord, insert printer paper, data sim card and start making money.
How much does it costs? Any discounts?
It all depends on your location and your requirements for customization. Basic price for single Instagram Print Kiosk starts around 3500$ USD. We have a flexible discounts for multiple orders.
How is it connected to the Internet?
We use high-speed 4G modems but you can also use a Wi-Fi connection.
What are the photo sizes? What paper you use?
Kiosk prints photos by 2 at once (perforated in a middle), with a single photo size of A7: 7,5x10cm - quite close to polaroid size. We use a thermal-dye printer, no need to refill ink - just replace the paper and film - it's really easy.
What do i need to keep it running?
One member of staff to collect cash once a week and replace paper when it's finished. If there are some technical problems with kiosk, your staff will be informed with SMS. No special training needed, we will provide a manual on how to work with kiosk and software.
How much is a running cost? How much can I earn?
Prime cost of a single photo is around $0.15 USD. Our recommended price is 20,000 IDR (1.5$ USD) per 2 photos print. You can earn up to $500-$1000 USD per month just from a single kiosk - depending on it's location.
I want to use it in other countries - what currencies your software supports?
Our software can work with any currency. We can additionally customize it with your logos or support different bill/coin acceptors, printers, etc.
I don't want to buy hardware, I need only Instagram printing software for my kiosk.
Contact us, and we will give you a special price for our software.
+62 82145075606 (whatsapp only)